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Vegas Photo Shoot :|: Las Vegas Wedding Flowers :|: Styled Shoot

Okay how much fun is it to take a super cute real-life newlywed couple, a hilariously fun (and tremendously talented) husband-and-wife photography team, and create a themed photo shoot (styled by yours truly), IN VEGAS? Since most of my images are Bay Area and Napa Valley related, I thought it was time to broaden my portfolio to show my “Vegas-y” side. Thank goodness for photographers Josh and Jen who were willing to collaborate and create something fun for all. 

Our real life Bride and Groom, Tara and Tim were a hoot, and up for anything. They let us drag them all around Vegas, from the iconic “Welcome” sign, to the Bellagio on The Strip, to fun and funky downtown at sunset. All in gale-force winds, I might add. (Kuddos to Makeup in the 702 who made sure Tara’s hair stayed gorgeous through it all). 

During the shoot, the gorgeous Bride, Tara, told me how much she loved the style I had created for the shoot, from the clothing to the flowers, the groom’s hat, and the simple dress and birdcage veil. Had they not felt “obligated” to have the big, traditional family wedding, she confided, this style was exactly what she would have chosen. 

Well, hoping the newlyweds enjoy their ‘extra’ wedding photos, in a way the did get to have it just how they wanted… the only thing missing was Elvis. 


Winner of Our Real Couple Photo Shoot with Josh and Jen Photography :|: Vegas Wedding Style

Here’s a sneak peek of our real couple, Tim and Tara, who won our contest for a real photo shoot in Las Vegas, styled by (me) Jennifer French, Floral Design by Lush Floral, Hair and makeup provided by Makeup in the 702 and images by Josh and Jen Photography. Aren’t they cute??



Ruby Hill Part 2 :|: Pewter Tablescape with Pops of Color

Hi Folks, sorry it’s taken so long for my follow up. You know, life around here has been pretty exciting. No not really, but I need a better excuse than, “I’m terrible at blogging.” So, yes, very exciting stuff going on around here, *ahem*, jollygood. Now, where was I? Oh yes, I owe you more photos from our Event at Ruby Hill in Pleasanton, CA. 

As you might remember from my last post, the Boys from Image Three and I had our “Big Reaveal” at the Ruby Hill event, throwing our hat in the ring, so to speak, as Lush Weddings. We made a great splash with our ceremony display, at the entrance to the event. Downstairs, in the vendor area, we had our own booth, where we were able to sing a different note with our very glam tablescape design. 

Without further ado:

Glam, glam, glam. I loved the deep pewter, black and white base of the gunmetal linens, silver beaded placemat and pewter charger, silver edged plates and glassware, and the silver herringbone flatware. Layers of texture… the flowers provided a rich pop of color with the magenta spray of phaleonopsis orchids, the deep, rich purples of the anemones and lisianthus, and the pewter theme was followed through in the florals as well with dusty miller leaves and silvery pussy willow. Even the vases became part of the design with little glam touches such as pewter ribbon and rhinestones. It was a team effort that worked out well: we really made an impact at the show, with people stopping and crowding around the table to ooh and ahh and take photos. (Score!) 

Luckily, I roped my friend Tiffany of Adeline and Grace Weddings to join us at the Bridal Show to promote her new photo booth company, which meant, 1. I got to see her and her assistant Marita—a big treat now that I live so far away, and 2. Tiffany spoiled me with lots of beautiful images. Thank you Tiffany!

Okay, so there you have it. It only took me a month to get the photos up. Can you believe it’s April already? Whatsupwiththat? Next up: helping to plan my niece’s June wedding. And the clock is ticking…


Bridal Event at Ruby Hill :|: Big Reveal

I have had an opportunity recently to travel to the Bay Area not once, but twice in recent weeks. (I am seriously racking up some frequent flyer miles!) The first trip for a Bridal Show at Ruby Hill Winery and Golf Club, which was orchestrated by my freinds and co-horts at Image Three Events. The trip was a whirlwind but so much fun. We (the guys and gals at Image Three and myself) were launching our new collaborative business: Lush Weddings

I’ve known Bob Gonas and Ken Greer from Image Three Events for years. Thier company has been around for, well, decades. They are a full scale event planning and design company. Most of thier work has been in the Coporate world, with clients such as Mercedes, McAfee, Bell Systems, to name a few. I was lucky enough to go along with them in 2008 to produce a huge event in the US Virgin Islands. Needless to say, I love these guys.

In 2010, after my daughter was born, I had taken some time off to be a Mom. Eventually, I approached Bob and Ken about using thier workspace in Concord from time to time, so that I could get back into doing some events, without the huge overhead and burden of running my own studio (which I had let go before Sofia was born). The answer was a resounding Yes! And, a conversation started… 

Eventually, we decided to collaborate. With their invanualbe expertise, and years in the business of planning events, and my design skills and 15 years in what I call “Wedding World” we decided we could pool our resources and knowledge and launch a wedding planning and design business. Of course, over the 30 years they’ve been doing this, they’ve done weddings before. But it has never been thier main focus. Now, together, we have created a seperate faction of thier company, and mine,  which with our joined knowlege, expertise, and aesthetic abilities, becomes a unique, and dedicated wedding design company: Lush Weddings. 

Of course, my sudden move to Las Vegas sort of threw a new twist into our plans. But, we decided to forge ahead. The flight to SFO is just over an hour, and, with any luck, I’ll be racking up those frequent flyer miles even more in the near future. 

Here are a few images from the Bridal Event at Ruby Hill, where we got to flex some design muscle. Check out the custom arch that was built in-house by the incredibly talented Bob LeDoux (who has worked with Image Three for 20+ years). The arch has a custom back drop that can be switched out to any color, or left out altogether, for a more open feel. We are excited about this arch because it can be used in so many different ways: filled with tea light candles inside the circles, interwoven with fabric, or of course decoated in inumerable ways with flowers! And, I haven’t really seen anything quite like it elsewhere. 

Custom built ‘circles’ arch. Custom sewn runner, and mock Bride all created in-house.

Aisle entry arrangements, (created by yours truly) atop custom ‘circles’ pedestals.


I marvel at how much time Bob LeDoux must have spent with that jigsaw to create an entire structure of circles. I like the blue back panel, but am also looking forward to using it outdoors with no back panel and getting to fill some more of those circles with flowers, of course! I really like the two larger cut outs on either side (used here for arrangements).

Thank you, Tiffany and Marita of Adeline and Grace Weddings, for all the images! 

Coming up next: Images of our vendor area, where we got to throw down some tablescape design!


Can We Agree? It's Time to Say Adieu to the Vintage Trend | Floral Trends


I recently read this article from The Huffington Post, and I just couldn’t agree more. Don’t get me wrong. I love “vintage” as much as the next person. But, can we agree that the theme in general is becoming, well, vintage, itself? As in, it’s in the past… 

I think the thing that bothers me the most about what has become of the Vintage aesthetic is that it has gone so far past just having a “vintage feel” to a wedding, to making the wedding all about being “vintage”.  In other words, it’s vintage-for-vintage sake, and no longer about the Bride and the Groom, and their unique personalities and tastes. What do I mean? Well, if the Bride is, say, a writer, and she wants to display an antique typewriter, or say, use some unique vintage typewriter keys she has collected over the years to use as place cards, well, that’s great. That actually has meaning in the greater scheme of the wedding. It is a little touch that speaks to who the Bride is, and those little touches are what really make a wedding. Or, if the Bride has a collection of special antique tablecloths she has collected from a favorite grandmother or great aunt, and she wants to use them on her tables at her reception, I think that is a very special touch. But if, say, my Bride works in P.R., lives in an urban setting, loves clean lines and an architectural aesthetic, then why, WHY does she want to have a wedding inspired by the Great Gatsby or an Edwardian novel? (See the bottom of the Huff Post Article which features “Overdone Vintage” for a humorous example of what I’m talking about). Why? Because she is giving in to the overwhelming tide of VINTAGE inspired wedding imagery out there. 

So, here’s what I’m proposing (no pun intended). Make the wedding about you. What, in real life, are your favorite color schemes, types of design, art, architecture? What are your interests and your hobbies? Do you love to play croquet? Okay, fine, then set up a croquet set out on the lawn at your wedding venue. But if you’ve never touched a hammer in your life, and you and your beau are more the urban, modern, lets-find-the-next-hot-restaurant type of couple, then feature something along those lines for your guests. Welcome them to your reception with a signature cocktail reminiscent of your first date or something from your favorite city hot spot. Or pull from the vast array of furniture rentals available and create a chic, modern lounge feel and have your floral arrangements be bold, monochromatic, architectural, eco-friendly, or whatever fits with your real style. Don’t give into the pull of vintage-for-vintage sake and surround yourself in soft ivories and peachy-creams, just becuase that’s all you’re seeing on your favorite wedding blogs. 

However, if your heart and soul live in another era, and that is YOU, then go vintage-crazy. Just keep it real. Keep it about you.

Believe, me…it’s okay to be yourself. And I think expressing yourself and your originality in whatever form that takes will be the next wedding trend.