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About Jennifer

Jennifer French started out as a photographer’s stylist, creating sets, providing props, and making things look perfect for the camera. She worked on such accounts as Starbuck’s, Macy’s, Sutter Home Wines, and Wired Magazine, to name a few. Along the way, Jennifer became more and more interested in flowers, to the point where the passion grew so fierce, she gave up her job in a photo studio in order to work in a flower shop to learn the trade. In 1998, she started her own company, Vie en Rose, specializing in bridal and special event flowers. Soon she opened a full-service flower shop in Ross, California. The more her retail business grew, however, the less time she had for doing what she loved most, which was working on special events. So Jennifer decided to sell the shop and get back to her passion. Thus was born  Lush Floral.

Most floral designers have a good visual sense — that is, they are able to picture how an event will look with flowers in place. But Jennifer’s background in set styling gives her an edge, a skill that many floral designers don’t have: Jennifer can picture how things are going to look on film as well as in real life. And that is so important because when all is said and done, the photos become the event.

And those unique touches she adds, that turn a pretty flower arrangement into a delightful floral design that draws you in, that is yours alone? Here again, her experience in set styling puts her ahead of the rest because she knows where to find all those interesting props and distinctive containers.

Jennifer French is a floral designer — in the true sense of the word.